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Micro Mart Amiga Coverage

Micro Mart is a weekly UK publication with a circulation of 25,000 readers, which has since 1985 aimed to bring informative editorial to the intermediate/ experienced home and small business user. They have in last few weeks opened a regular news section to cover Amiga developments.

Issue 660 of Micro Mart published on August 23rd 2001, contained an article introducing its readers to the Amiga One. The Amiga coverage in such a mainstream computer magazine has been described as a significant development, which will hopefully encourage readers and companies to take an interest in the Amiga. It is also clear that Amiga users have been taking an interest in the Micro Mart publication as it provides Amiga coverage every week, gives readers a new perspective, and Amiga users have something to read as they wait for their usual monthly Amiga magazine to arrive.

However, there have been some negative comments in the Letters section about the Amiga coverage. The Micro Mart editors have asked readers to write in and let them know whether it is worth continuing the Amiga coverage. I highly recommend that you pick up a copy and show your support.

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