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The MicroMart Computer Fair was held at the NEC in Birmingham drawing computers from across the United Kingdom. Amiga users were not left out as Stellar Dreams, Eyetech, and Amiga all had a presence at this year's event, using the opportunity to promote the new Amiga platform to former Amiga users and computer Geeks.

At the stand, Mick Sutton of SEAL demonstrated AmigaOS 4 on his AmigaOne, while Eyetech wowed Amiga fans by fitting the MicroA1into a Samsung DVD player to highlight the possibilities that have opened up from using such a small board size. Visitors were able to talk to leading figures like Alan Redhouse and Fleecy Moss, and also play around with the new system, checking out features such as the preferences and the Grim Reaper.

Amiga users who attended the event appear to have enjoyed the experience, especially seeing the new operating system. JC, who had never been to an Amiga event had a great time, stating on Amiga World, “meeting some of the people behind the A1 and OS in person as well as those that I only know from these forums was great”. So pleased by what he seen, JC made the comment, “I guess seeing it 'in the flesh' was the final push I needed and I have decided to purchase the A1 now rather than later as I was planning”. Other users were also astonished by what Eyetech and their partners had achieved in regard to the AmigaOne, for instance Kevin Tiernan said, “Seeing the MicroA1 was well worth it. I just couldn't believe just how small it was”.

Eyetech and Amiga reported that they were impressed by turnout to the event and the reaction of former Amiga users. Fleecy Moss of Amiga stated, “The stand was often crowded out, with the standard comment being ' Wow, I used to have of those but it looked nothing like that'”. Alan Redhouse was even more impressed by the number of former users who approached the stand. He made a comment on Amiga World, that “many of these people are now in senior IT positions and most were completely annoyed with the Windows environment. They were delighted to see the Amiga alive and kicking - and being impressive - once more - just as they remembered it when they first got their A500's or A1200's”. He summed up by saying, he felt “really very upbeat after this first real public outing of the rebirth of the Amiga”.

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