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Amiga Flame's Late New Year Message

It's a late New Year message but then I had wanted to time the message with the announcement/ or announcements from Amiga Inc about their new partner. This has been slightly delayed to next week, probably about the time you will be reading this anyhow.

2001 – The Year of Transition
2001 was without a doubt the year of transition; if you don't believe me then take a look at the Released Games section. Between June and September no games came out and then in October following the release of the Amiga DE Player, eleven games came out and more in the months after. In my own opinion the transition is not over, only with the release of Amiga DE Players for other hardware devices and the release of Amiga One will it finally be over.

It's not been an easy year, far from it, the Amiga Community has been vulnerable during this period of transition. Cynics with nothing constructive to say have been more than critical of Amiga Inc, they have been downright abusive. It continues to disgust me, the way some these cynics have acted throughout the year. At first they exploited Amiga Inc's policy of announcing nothing until they had a product to announce, by attempting to convince people through various forums that Amiga Inc were doing nothing or dead. Then, when Amiga Inc attempted to calm fears by sharing with us their ongoing initiatives, all the cynics could do was ridicule and scorn everything that was said. I would like just to remind the cynics that if you aren't happy, then you can simply walk away; no one in the Amiga Community is going to miss you.

Outsiders have also attacked a number of figures in the Amiga Community on several occasions throughout year. Wayne Hunt produced one of the best general Amiga news sites on the Internet –, which was attacked and destroyed by lowlife scum. I am pleased to see that the spirit of the Amiga Community is alive and well, with Amiga users and developers rallying around to support Wayne Hunt. It is that Amiga spirit, which has helped to convince Wayne Hunt to restart efforts to rebuild Christian Kemp of Amiga Network News was also the target of a number of attacks but has continued to serve the Amiga Community with the same determination.

Should we assess upon the evidence available that 2001 was one of the worst years for the Amiga, perhaps not. The problem is that while some of these terrible episodes took place, behind-the-scenes developments have been taking place. The developers are more than happy, the developer programme set-up by Amiga Inc seems to have been a huge success. I haven't received any complaints or issues of concern from developers who are obviously being well cared for, even receiving details about the latest deal before the public announcement. Amiga Inc has been in communication with numerous companies big and small, and as you already know they are now working with Sharp and “one of the largest Set Top Box companies”. The truth about 2001 will be revealed by the products, which surface in 2002.

2002 – The Year Ahead
To some extent whether this year is bright or gloomy is up to us, Amiga Inc will provide, their partners such as Sharp will provide, Eyetech will provide the AmigaOne, games developers will provide the entertainment. But if we want to make this a better year for the Amiga Community, then people are going to have to speak up for the Amiga. It is going to be up to us whether the Amiga Community will be pulled down into the gloomy world of the cynics. We must look to this year with a greater sense of optimism, because unlike in the past which seen the Amiga Community drive the Amiga forward, it is the companies like Amiga Inc, Eyetech and the developers who are pushing forward. We have to decide whether we want to join them on what will be either Amiga's last journey or the first of many to come.

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