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MAX Rally goes to Max

CS&E are about to release MAX Rally, a multi-player overhead racing game on general retail in the UK at a price of 14.99 in March.

This welcoming news from CS&E who have shown a great deal of commitment to Amiga Gamers since the signing of MAX Rally, a game which received 80% when reviewed by Amiga Flame with many other reviewers improving on that score. It is also pleasing that they are able to get this game into the retail end, with the hope that more Amiga games will follow suit.

They have also emphasized to Amiga Flame that MAX Rally at the moment is only exclusively available from CS&E or through a GTI retailer, and not from any other Amiga retailer.

They have in recent days printed 10,000 information packs promoting the Amiga. Anyone who would like to see it is welcome to ask for a free copy, which they will post out directly. CS&E are still interested in working on the Amiga but would like to see more co-operation from the other companies.

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