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Majesty For The Amiga

There has been an announcement by Cyberlore Studios that Majesty, a strategy that has won the heart of many game reviewers on the pc is to now make its way onto the Amiga with Hyperion Software working on the conversion. Jay Adan, Cyberlore Studios Marketing Director said on a fan site that, “Majesty will be released for Linux and Amiga in the future” with Cyberlore Studios site stating that Majesty should be ready for the Amiga in 2001.

Majesty puts you on the throne of Ardania putting before you a epic quest in which you make the decisions of where to build your settlement's guilds and temples. From these you recruit a varied cast of larger-than-life heroes. Each one has a mind of his own and must be enticed to meet your goals, via rewards you offer and spells you cast. Expect to meet resistance from mythical beasts and fantastic creatures.

Majesty features 19 Epic Quests including a random map generator. It has 18 different classes including Rangers, Warriors and Wizards along with 32 different types of enemies. There 30 different building types to fortify and enhance your kingdom, with there a high level of detail as can be seen from the screenshots. The more interesting aspects include the use of reward flags to place a bounty on the heads of your enemies or spur your heroes to explore your surroundings, and you can use the power of magic by casting spells against your most powerful enemies. You have the option of playing head to head, or form alliances with other kingdoms as you do battle in multiplayer quests.

Majesty has been a recent hit on the pc, with fan sites set up dedicated to the game but it is amazing to read the glowing comments of some pc game reviewers. Family PC believes, “Majesty introduces an entirely new gaming experience, which combines swords and sorcery roleplaying with SmCity-style strategy” while Computer Gaming World said, “As a whole, Majesty is a fascinating and fun romp that's stuffed full of originality. If I could plant a gamer incentive flag on the store shelves, I would plant it right here”. Hyperion Software seemed to have struck gold with Majesty, which is bound to go down well with strategy fans.

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