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Latest News: Payback Demo Available

Apex Designs have made available a payable demo of Payback, a 3D gangster warfare simulator inspired by Grand Theft Auto.

The demo has gained a great deal of attention from Amiga gamers who have been impressed by the quality of Payback. Many gamers have praised game creator, James Daniels for his attention to detail with one gamer on Amiga Network News commenting, “there are lots of impressive details in this game (like the change in sound when you walk across a bridge or the limp you develop if injured enough)” while another gamer called Dave said, “it's quite good (the little touches are excellent - snowflakes, footprints, flamethrower ;). I never knew you could get so much blood out of computer characters either”.

James Daniels has hinted that he is considering the development of a PowerPC version, stating on ANN that, “I'd like to do a PPC version, although that's dependant on sales of the game and when/ if DCE ever get around to fixing my PPC board (They've had it for 4 months so far)”. The minimum spec required is a 020 processor, 16MB Ram, Aga or graphics card, and 9.5Mb HD space. The views of many gamers who have tried this demo of Payback are probably summoned up one gamers comment, “You've done a spectacular job James... I look forward to receiving the full edition so that I can kiss my personal life goodbye”.

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