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Latest Amiga DE Releases

In the last two weeks over ten games have been released for those Amiga gamers who have purchased the Amiga DE Player, and will later be available for Amiga DE compatible PDAs. Some of the latest releases this week include games such as Last in Line, Gems, and Amitello.

Kaliko, a relatively new development team have just released their first Amiga DE game - Last in Line. Their first title is a board game with numbers for one or two players. To master this game you will need to really use your brain and play tactically. The game features a rather intelligent computer-player that will give you a good challenge in the one-player-mode but you could also play against a friend.

An Australian development team produced Gems, a small puzzle game, which has simple rules that combine to make some quite challenging puzzles. Using simple tools such as pushing, dropping and digging, you must bring gems of the same colour together in order to remove them from the game.

Swedish developers, VecTrace created a simple game called Amitello, in which you can play against your PDA or challenge a friend. You can choose between reversi or Othello(R). End points are calculated using Japanese, European or North American rules. The computer player has 6 different levels.
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