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New Screenshots of Between the Lines

Dreamworlds Development has made available new screenshots of Between The Lines, a 3D real-time action RPG that doesn't need any text whatsoever.

There is still no fixed story at this time however, I've been told that there will be some interesting character features and so the people you encounter in the game will have their own aims, with their behaviour depending on yours. For example, they may help you if you're friendly, maybe they hate you because you killed friends of them. In Between the Lines, it's important to know that there are no determined aims, only the ones that you determine yourself.

The character movements will include run, crawl, jump, climb, attack, defend, look and more. The monsters will also be live calculated which means they will move freely to react on all situations they encounter, not determined on fixed reactions. The developers are looking into the possibly of a multiplayer option via the Internet, this has yet to be decided but would be an exciting feature.

Between the Lines will require a PowerPC processor, 32MB Ram with the engine using Warp3D. The intended target of this action RPG game is the AmigaOne.

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