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Latest News from Benelux Amiga Show

There has been some technical problems with the webcams set up by the show organisers that has prevented live coverage of events. However, in the past few hours news has begun to be filter out from this years show.

Hyperion Entertainment was well represented at the show with Ben Hermans, and the Frieden brothers demonstrating AmigaOS 4 on two AmigaOne's. According to one user, “apart from the lack of proper GFX system they ran pretty smoothly”. He also stated that “AmigaOne rebooted FAST, it took a few seconds to go through the Uboot and about 5 seconds to boot into OS4”. Onno Scheffers of Atomic Digital Studios was also impressed by the new operating system, stating on Amiga World, “keeping in mind it is still heavily under construction, I'd say it is looking very promising. It still needs a lot of work. But it is starting to like I'll soon be buying an AmigaOne (lite) with AOS4”.

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