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The year 2001 is expected to be a busy year for Amiga developments with a great deal of news emerging giving us an idea of what to expect and how Amiga users can get involved.

Planet IT and have interviewed President of Amiga Inc, Bill McEwen twice so far in the new-year, revealing more about the direction that the Amiga is to take in the forthcoming months. I highly recommend that readers check each of these interviews. Bill McEwen revealed in the that a further update of the SDK would be ready by March and also the company names of investors.

One of Amiga Inc's partners or allies is MeterNet with taking the opportunity to interview Greg Wible, Founder and President of MeterNet. Grey Wible reveals some intriguing details about the relationship between Amiga Inc and MeterNet, with MeterNet utilizing Amiga DE in their SimpleBox devices.

Gary Peake of Amiga Inc has revealed that Amiga Inc has been receiving requests regarding applications that Amiga users would like to see. According to Gary Peake these include, add-in modules for Zamilla for SSI, PHP, Java, add-in module for IMAP in the email programs posted, FTP client and server, and PDA style games (Tetris, Pacman, anything like this). If anyone has a special request for a certain style application or has decided to code or port anything in particular (Pearl, PHP, etc) please contact Gary Peake.

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