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More New Amiga DE Releases

Six new games have been released for those Amiga gamers, who have purchased the Amiga DE Player available for Windows or Linux. The latest releases include Gobbler, Maze Monster, Tikino, Memory, and Art Avenue Puzzles 1 and 2.

Gobbler is the second game from Pulsar Interactive and is a re-make of the classic snake game with some new twists. Crawl through multiple worlds from open grasslands to household blueprints. Travel over and under bridges, through tunnels, and around obstacles while in pursuit of the food that continually increases your length. Avoid crashing into yourself or other obstructions while trying to become as long as possible.

Art Avenue Puzzles 1
Art Avenue Puzzles 1 is the first title from Technomages and is an impressive puzzle game, which allows users to piece together breathtaking Canadian art images. This classic game features eight levels with three levels of difficulty each (ranging from easy to hard). A sequel has also been released which offers additional new puzzles making use of paintings and photographs.

Tikino is a puzzle game, which involves players attempting to solve Tikino by making all the squares the same colour. Each square you click will cycle to the next colour along with the squares above, below, left, and right. Keep cycling the colours until you solve the puzzle. Tikino features a practice mode, help, over 25 levels, and more. From the same development team also comes Memory, a similar puzzle game in which players match shapes, colours, and shades. It features 40 levels ranging from easy to hard.

Maze Monster
The development team behind Fantastic Dreams Motion Studies, produced Maze Monster. The player's aim is to take your "chomper" through many different mazes while clearing the pellets and escaping your demons. The mazes have multiple types of "Power Ups" giving you many different methods to eliminate or avoid your demons.

According to the AmigaDE Shop's weekly sales Chart, Planet Zed continues to be their best seller followed by Pagan's Blobula, which was only released a week ago. Zeneo's first title, Convex resides at number three while Titan Computer's Batty and Linea come in fourth and fifth.

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