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Kick Off 2 World Cup

Kick Off 2 was one of the best soccer games to be released for the Amiga and so it isn't too surprising that gamers still play it and even organise tournaments. However, it was a shock to learn that over fifty-four players from around the world have signed up to the Kick Off 2 World Cup. This special event will be held at Rickmansworth in London on the 28th and 29th of October.

The excitement in the Kick Off forums is building as some of the best competitors have registered for this international event. For the first time ever, 12 out of the Top 15 Ranked Players and 16 out of the Top 20 will be competing. The nervous have started to show for some of the players – Mark Elliot pointed out, “Truth be told I'm quite nervous about this World Cup. I was far more active on here for previous World Cups and being 'out of loop' much more makes it more tricky to evaluate how I'll feel with a ton on people I've never met before”.

Interested gamers can still register for the KO2 World Cup but the absolute deadline is the 27th of October. Twenty-two Amiga's have been pledged for the event along with twelve monitors and fifteen scart cables.

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