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KMOS and the Amiga

The future of the Amiga platform lies in the hands of KMOS, which own both the operating system and the company. Even though Garry Hare, CEO of KMOS refused to reveal any product roadmap, it is possible to better understand what the company has in store for the Amiga.

Garry Hare's banquet speech indicates that he believes the wired and wireless market is on the verge of another revolution. He outlined, “devices are rapidly all converging over to the traditional internet and increasingly consumers expect instant access to any content played on any device transmitted over any network and stored anywhere in the world”. KMOS has identified several problems wired and wireless operators and users will face as this revolution in data access and connectivity unfolds. Current operating systems have become increasingly large, slow, and susceptible to virus attacks and spontaneous crashes. The bloated nature of some operating systems has led to market fragmentation, as operating systems designed for specific devices like smart phones, gaming consoles, PDAs, STBs, are incompatible and mutually inoperable.

The primary objective of KMOS, in the words of Garry Hare, is “to provide a radical solution” to the problems of wired and wireless operators. According to Garry, “the required operating system for the future market must be small, fast, robust and not crash or be susceptible to virus, must offer intuitive user interface, support instant on/off connectivity to internet, be peer to peer communication capable and must run multimedia applications”.

The purchase of the Amiga operating system was one of the most important steps for the company, as the AmigaOS will form the backbone to that radical solution. It meets many of the requirements already and with future investment in the project could fulfil every requirement. Catering for the wired and wireless market does mean that KMOS will want the Amiga OS to run on a range of mobile devices. This may cause some alarm bells in the community but Garry Hare was quick to point out that “the OS has to be able to migrate to desktops as well as mobiles, as developers don't use PDA's and mobiles to develop!” It is clear from statements made during the AmiWest show that they strongly believe the Amiga OS must be commercially successful in other markets.

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