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AmigaOS 4 Software Development Kit

If you're eager to develop software for the new Amiga platform then pick up a copy of the AmigaOS 4 SDK from Hyperion Entertainment. Although developers experienced problems initially with the SDK it would appear that they have been fixed.

The SDK features include the complete GNU C/C++ compiler toolkit, including the source-level debugger gdb, extensive developer documentation and example source code, and an extensive set of contributed packages including pre-compiled libraries like libSDL, STLport and other material.

The SDK comes in two flavours - the full SDK is a 63 MB download, while the "light" version with 41 MB's contains all the material from the full SDK but without the contributed packages. Please note that the package is only available for registered AmigaOS 4.0 customers.

If you experience any problems or wish to send your support, then e-mail Steffen Haeuser of Hyperion Entertainment at:-


Visit their web site at:-

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