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Kick Off 2002 The Legend is back?

Virtual Programming announced just a few weeks ago that they are working on a Mac conversion of Anco's Kickoff 2002. Although VP intends to publish an Intent/ Amiga DE version of Payback, no such version is in the works for Kick Off 2002. The reason why I want to show you Kick Off 2002 is due to the fact that I would like gamers to check it out, and if you would like Virtual Programming to consider an Intent/ Amiga DE, then drop them an e-mail.

According to Anco the 'Kick Off' brand has sold nearly 3.5 million units worldwide over the past 12 years and even though it has had to deal with some tough competition, it is regarded as one of the most successful selling football games of all time. Unlike some developers who tend to concentrate on making the graphics of football games more realistic, Anco have always concentrated on the control system and playing mode, and thus giving gamers a superb playing experience.

Kick Off 2002 throws the player head first into the pace and excitement of international soccer, with over 204 national teams to chose from. Each player will have a unique combination of eight skills and physical attribute stats, with such details important when putting together your team. Kick Off 2002 has a number of competitions for you can select, such as Exhibition Matches, Play In a League, or even Cup Matches. One of the most interesting options is known as the Challenge, the player selects his team and then plays against teams selected by the computer; each match gets harder as the challenge progresses. An Editor has also been included which gives the player an opportunity to totally customise his team.

I think a port of Kick Off 2002 should be considered both by VP and Anco, for it would do well as Kick Off even today has a considerable Amiga following, football games tend to be popular with Amiga gamers (remember SWOS), and if ported it would probably be the first football game for Intent/ Amiga DE.

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