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Kaliko's 2002 AmigaDE Line-Up

Kaliko, the makers of Last in Line, a puzzle/ board game, which came fourth in the Top Ten AmigaDE Games Of 2001, have announced their line-up of AmigaDE games for 2002.

BrainTeaser: the furry edition will be Kaliko's next AmigaDE release developed in conjunction with Quality Team, the developers of Sixth Sense Investigations. BrainTeaser is a Tetris style puzzle game, in which you have to connect three or more blocks with the same picture and then they will disappear. When you do this before the blocks will reach the top of the play area, you'll go to the next level with more frantic action. The twist is that the blocks will appear from the bottom and that you have to move them like in a shuffle game. This makes the game harder and much more different than other Tetris style games. BrainTeaser should be ready for release in March/April.

Kaliko are working on possibly the first sports title for the AmigaDE, namely Kaliko Minigolf, which should be released sometime in March/April. They are also developing another puzzle game called Pirate's Puzzle, which will come out in April/June.

Kaliko intend to reveal more of their 2002 line-up later in the year but it is important to realise that in order for more games to be developed they require the help of skilled Amiga users. Kaliko are currently seeking a number of talented individuals including DE-programmers that have a good knowledge of VP assembler, C or C++, and programmers on the classic Amiga (680x0/PPC) that have a good knowledge of assembler, C or C++. In addition, they are seeking creative game-designers and are looking for talented and creative 2D artists.

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