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Joyride Released

Joyride is a new racing game, inspired by Xtreme Racing, which has been released by Titan Computer. Unfortunately it has so far received negative reviews, so I would highly recommend that you read them and also try out the demo available from the Titan Computer web site before making any decisions.

It features three types of cars, namely one of them being a Porsche each with there own characteristics (sound, acceleration, maximum speed, inertia...) and boasts at least ten different tracks with numerous opponent cars to race against. Cars are also able to jump when they hit some things on the road.

Joyride requires an Aga Amiga, 030 processor or better, 8MB Fast Ram, and is CD-Rom only.

Readers can e-mail Titan Computer about ordering Joyride at:-


Visit their web site at :-/

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