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Just Like a Dream

Tomislav Novosel is the author a new adventure game in the works known as Just Like a Dream. News of this Myst style game was broken on Voodoo Amiga News last week, whose staff played a demo and described it as being “great”.

The story to this game centres on a man who learns on his 21st birthday that he has a twin brother called Paul. His mother Jessica tells him that when he was just a child a strange creature snatched Paul. Jessica believes the twins have a special connection due to the dreams of her son and writes in a letter to him; “You have to keep the hope alive. You have to find out. Remember your dream. Maybe it had to be this way...just like a dream...”

This adventure game when ready for release will require an AGA Amiga, 030 processor or better, 16 MB RAM, HD space, and a CD-ROM drive. According to Voodoo Amiga News, a website will be set-up shortly and playable demo will also be released.

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