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Lower Mars Release Jackpot!

Los Angeles based company, Lower Mars have released a electronic casino game for Amiga Anywhere which can be played on an array of handheld devices.

Jackpot features colourful graphics, great sound and all the gaming action that anyone might expect from a trip to Vegas. There are eight different machines to choose from such as Video Poker, Deuces Wild, Blackjack, three reeled slot machines, Atomo's video slot, and an original game called “Three Hand Caboose”. This casino game comes complete with an ATM, Pawn Shop, and a pit boss. If you're a video poker fan, then sit down to a game and play to break the bank.

Jackpot is available for PocketPC handhelds, while another version can be played on Smartphones. According to Lower Mars, a version of Jackpot is in the works for Symbian devices.

Visit the Lower Mars web site which has just opened at:-

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