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Amiga Flame Interview with Stuart Walker of Digital Images

Digital Images has been through a great deal over the last year and so it seemed only fair to look back with Stuart Walker to some of their experiences and to look forward to what Digital Images have in store for Amiga Gamers.

1. Why was Space Station 3000 cancelled?

To cut a long story short, Space Station 3000 was an experiment that unfortunately didn't work out as well in practise as it did on paper. Space Station 3000 sounded like an extremely nice idea, but despite re-writing large amount of the code and re-starting all over again a few times we decided that the game had made very little progress over the last two and a half years of development. Some people may note that the status bar on the game read 90% at one time, but again that version of the game wasn't good enough.

We felt that our time would be better spent on developing another idea and as I said before, Space Station 3000 was an experiment and unfortunately it didn't work. It happens when you develop new ideas and after playing them, it doesn't work out to be as good as you hope. We didn't want to release a bad game when we could be developing something much better that people will have fun with.

2. Many games announced by Digital Images were cancelled soon after. Do you think you were taking on board too much work?

Definetly - I must agree that our ambitions were a little too big in the beginning, but we are now looking at keeping things far more relistic. A few changes have been made including a title will not be announced until a realistic, estimated time of development will take (an internal estimate) and full funding costs etc. that ensure we are absolutely certain that a product will be released.

3. Digital Images has been quiet for sometime, but I understand that you are working on a new game.

We are indeed, we have been working on Deadlock, which in a way was born from Space Station 3000's death. A large amount of ships that were built for space station will be used for Deadlock. Deadlock is a space combat simulator - more information can be found on the Deadlock website.

4. Are you aiming for the classic market or Amiga Inc's new system?

We are aiming for the new Amiga quite simply because the actual development of the game will be a hundred times easier and it is definetly a technology I would like to see become a standard in computing.

5. Are there any more plans for conversions following the success of Wipeout 2097?

We do have plans, but announcements won't be made until the licences are aquired.

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