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Invasion Now Available from AmigaAnywhere Shop

Originally released a few months ago Invasion by Zeoneo has finally appeared on the AmigaAnywhere Shop. This arcade game has received many commendations from PDA reviewers, for instance Stephen Moore of PDA Arcade said, “Everything about this game is quality. Invasion sets a new standard in arcade shooters”.

Invasion is an arcade shoot'em up in the style of classic games like Space Invaders. In the game, the player starts off strapped into a vertically firing craft, the SF-7 Barracuda. It can move up, down, left and right and fire a single weapon - the pulse cannon. The ship is shielded, to protect it from alien attack but once the shield is gone, the ship can be destroyed. There a series of missions to complete in which the player will confront different alien mothership's and their squadrons.

There are numerous features to keep gamers occupied for instance the each alien craft has its own set of weapons, moves and intelligent behaviour. But don't worry weapons systems can be upgraded and once a mothership has been knocked out the player can grab a superweapon. The explosions, smoke, particle special effects, and the beautifully rendered locations all add to the atmosphere.

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