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Insane Software Release Amijeweled RTG

Insane Software is a new development team formed by Niels Schapke and Wolfgang Hosemann in late December of 2006. It is their desire to push Amiga software development off the pit, and to show that Amiga software and games development with high quality and devotion to fine arts is still possible.

Their first release is Amijeweled RTG, a puzzle game inspired by the well-known PC game "Bejeweled". In this game you are faced with wonderful sparkling, colourful diamonds, which should be formed to columns or rows by swapping them with their neighbour diamond to receive points (and perhaps more time). You can swap the diamonds horizontally or vertically, it is not possible to swap them diagonally. If you achieve a column or row of three or more diamonds by swapping the diamonds, the line or row will vanish, the rows above will fall down into the gap and new diamonds will appear in the top of the playfield. There is also a level mode with over ninety-nine increasingly difficult levels to solve.

To be a winner at Amijeweled RTG you really need a good overview, foresight and a good memory to win. If you're interested in puzzle games then pick up a copy from Insane Software at the price of 7 Euros for the on-line version or 12 Euros (plus shipping) for the CD version. A demo version can be downloaded from their website.

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