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Inutilis and Exodus

Inutilis is the name of a new German development team, who are currently working on a graphic-adventure engine called INGA.

INGA has been described as an engine for graphic-adventure games like Monkey Island 3. It is designed specifically to take advantage of graphic boards. The developers are already using their newly created engine to produce an adventure game called Ermentrud, with more such games at a planning stage. In addition, the engine includes also a comfortable developer-package, which will allow everyone to design their own adventures

The developers of Exodus, a strategy game released last year, have developed a special Exodus version for graphics cards. The Upgrade is only for users who fill and send back registration card. Exodus GFX will by distributed via e-mail.

If you experience any difficulties with receiving your Exodus upgrade then e-mail SLAND MEDIA at:-


Visit their web site at :-

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