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Hyperion Entertainment's Tenth Anniversary

Activity from Hyperion has recently increased with a port of AmigaOS 4.1 to Pegasos II, and the release of a new version of the Software Development Kit for AmigaOS developers. In the latest development to coincide with the company's tenth anniversary, Hyperion unveiled a new website

Their reworked website offers registered users of AmigaOS 4 substantially more functionality and easy of use, and the latest patches for their games content. For other visitors the website introduces them to Hyperion, their game conversions, and their work on AmigaOS 4.

The last sentence of the company's statement to mark the company's tenth anniversary should attract the attention of eagle-eyed Amiga users. Hyperion thanked their loyal customer-base and casually announced that they have embarked on their “most ambitious project to date – watch this space for further information”.

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