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Hyperion Entertainment Launch AmigaOS 4 Website

Hyperion Entertainment have unveiled the official website of AmigaOS 4, which is intended to be a central resource for the community of AmigaOS4.0 users and clients.

The new website is seen as an attempt by Hyperion to court the interest of OEM companies, along with former and new users. Opening with the slogan – Remember when Computing was fun? – the website seeks to remind visitors of the long history of the platform and attempts to highlight the strengths of the new AmigaOS. Hyperion plan to expand the website to include downloads, a developers area, an FAQ and more features that might be informative.

Reaction to the website launch has been incredible with dozens of users praising its contents and even look. Software designer, Steven Solie said, “I'm impressed with how the writer utilized the Amiga brand and its history to link everything together and push into the future at the same time. Something that targets new customers and opens doors”.

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