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Hyperion Entertainment Deliver a Fourth Update to AmigaOS 4

The release of the fourth update to AmigaOS 4 has created new excitement among users and developers as they scramble to find and explore new features.

The new features include all-new Intuition with advanced features like flicker-free window redraw and new screen dragging features, an updated ExecSG kernel, and a extended Input System that allows the use of mouse wheels on both PS/2 and USB mice, and the use of Multimedia keyboards. The most intriguing inclusion is that of Petunia, a Just-In-Time 68k emulator, which should enable users to still enjoy the best in classic gaming and run old application software.

Reaction to the release has been positive on Amiga forums as the users with AmigaOne hardware reveal their views. A systems engineer from California commenting on Petunia said, “It sure does breathe new life into those 68k applications. IBrowse and ImageFX are very fast now”. Sean Courtney pointed out, “Some nice new features have been implemented like the Screen Blanker”.

There was also some good news for developers as Hyperion Entertainment have placed a new Software Development Kit “high up on the priority list”.

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