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Update for AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release

Although a little late, Hyperion Entertainment delivered their Christmas present to the Amiga Community, a new update for the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release. Hyperion also thanked customers for their continued support and wished them a prosperous and successful new year.

According to the Hyperion team, this update provides fixes to a number of bugs along with a few improvements to features of the operating system. This update includes Kernel 51.20, dos.library 51.24, CrossDOS FS 51.19, Timer device 51.4, loader-51.6, Mass Storage Support for USB, Updated USB stack, elf library 51.5, Moovid PPC, SmartFileSystem 1.234, newlib.library 2.8, CDFileSystem 51.4, rtg.library 41.4252, graphics.library 51.12, and Grim Reaper 51.4.

At present it remains unclear when AmigaOS 4 will be officially released but it seems certain that 2005 will be the year it finally becomes available. In the meantime AmigaOne users can download this update to the pre-release.

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