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Hyperion Software – New Allies of Amiga Inc

Hyperion Software and Amiga Inc formally announced that they have entered into a long-term alliance to convert games to the new Amiga. Amiga Inc clearly believe this to be another positive step forward following the commitment of companies such as Epic Interactive and Eye-Play to the new Amiga system. Randy Hughes, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Alliances at Amiga Inc said, “We are pleased to see such a steady stream of notable developers validating our platform”.

Hyperion Software are a powerful ally to have, with games such as Heretic II, Sin, Shogo, Freespace, Alien Nations and Soldier of Fortune in line for the new Amiga. They are likely to benefit form this alliance, as it will help encourage games companies to choose them to convert their titles. Ben Yoris, PR Manager of Hyperion Software was optimistic about the future, stating firmly, “We want to bring the Amiga the hottest and most recent games, as it was the case in the great Amiga gaming times. With the arrival of new hardware such as faster graphics cards, the Amiga will enjoy a new level of performance allowing the Amiga to keep up with bigger and better games… roll on the Amiga One!”

In related news, Sin looks set to be next game to be released by Hyperion Software sometime in last quarter of 2000. Sin is a super realistic ego shooter in a not-too-distant future with an intriguing plot to solve and many levels to clean up.

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