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Future of Amiga Games Hit Parade

David Brunet has announced that he is unable to update Amiga Games Hit Parade due to a lack of time. Since the year 2000 this website has played an important role for developers and gamers, and so will be sorely missed if the project was to be abandoned. However, David would like interested parties to step forward and take up the mantle.

The Amiga Games Hit Parade has enabled gamers to express their satisfaction and even dissatisfaction by voting for the best AmigaOS games each month. More importantly, the website encourages gamers to vote the type of games they prefer and so try to influence developers to make games wished by gamers. Developers should note that strategy games have topped the most wanted list for a number of years.

This unique website requires a new webmaster eager to support gamers and developers. Hopefully someone will step forward before it is too late.

If you are interested in running Amiga Games Hit Parade, then e-mail David Brunet at:-


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