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Happy Games Announce Dungeon Crawler for the Amiga platform

Happy Games have announced a number of future game titles for the Amiga and PC Platform including Dungeon Crawler.

The story to Dungeon Crawler is set in the countryside of Glendale, which has been the epitome of peace for many years. However, in years past Glendale had been the scene of devastation when women and children were slain during the raids conducted on Ashanarra. The ruthless leader of the invaders killed many of the defenders until one young man finally defeated him in battle. What remained in this creature's place were three crystals which were buried in random locations to prevent anyone from obtaining them in the future and so life returned to normality. This was all about to change.

Similar to Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master, Dungeon Crawler is set in a dungeon environment where you interact with the characters based on the provided storyline and bring an end to the demonic powers that haunt this place. In the game you must unlock doors, avoid traps, kill pesky monsters, and build up your skills and levels. To improve your skills in combating the monsters collect the gold along the way or kill the boss creature at the end of each dungeon level to pick up items which cannot be purchased from a local merchant.

Happy Games have a multitude of titles planned for the Amiga platform, and are also searching for a publisher to release games on portable game platforms like the Nintendo DS. If you want to follow their progress with Dungeon Crawler and their other games then visit the development blog and even post your questions to the team.

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