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Hyperion Entertainment launched their new web site and provided gamers with news on Heretic 2 and Descent Freespace: The Great War.

Amiga Gamers seem to be pleased with the new look of the Hyperion Entertainment web site. Gamers will also benefit from the fact that the site is on a more powerful server. This in particular should make downloads from the site easier.

Ben Yoris of Hyperion Entertainment has advised gamers who have purchased any of their titles to register their copies, with it now possible to register on their web site. Registered users of Heretic 2 can also download a new patch to Heretic 2, which offers new functionality, better frame-rates and improved visual quality. Registered users will moreover enjoy further privileges such as early access to new versions of Warp3D and be eligible for beta-testing future titles.

Hyperion Entertainment revealed that Descent Freespace: The Great War, a space-combat simulator originally produced by Interplay is 95% complete. Beta testing will commence in the next few weeks. Managing Director of Hyperion Entertainment, Ben Hermans commenting on this game said, “Descent Freespace pushed the genre of the space-combat simulators into new realms of realism and graphical excellence. We are therefore very excited to bring this unrivalled experience to the Amiga especially because the genre has been notably absent on the Amiga in recent years”.

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