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Code Name Hell Squad Out

The latest issue of The Pulse has exclusively reviewed Code Name Hell Squad, an action adventure game, which has undergone years of development. Digital Dreams Entertainment bought the rights to the game back in October from AVM and has now put the finishing touches to Code Name Hell Squad. According to The Pulse reviewers this game is a hit, winning The Pulse's own game award. The review is quite extensive and well worth a read if you are considering purchasing Code Name Hell Squad.

In Code Name Hell Squad, you lead a team of four mercenaries, through beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds on a mission to survive. The story is that you land on the ground and realize that nothing is like it was supposed to be and your only preoccupation will become to get your team alive from this strange place. Are you good enough to get your team out of the unknown? Can you survive deep inside the enemy territory? Welcome to the secret world of the mercenary.

Code Name Hell Squad requires a CD-Drive, 3MB Ram and a battle-hardened warrior.

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