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Happy Birthday Amiga Flame

On the 12th of October 1996 Amiga Flame was launched with the first articles made available to eager Amiga gamers. After many years at the helm of Amiga Flame I was still surprised to find that Amiga Flame has reached its sixth birthday.

The Past
The goal of Amiga Flame has always been clear – to bring positive games news to the Amiga Community. The problem in 1996 was that people dwelled so much on the negative that it served to overshadow the positive work that Amiga developers continued to undertake. In an interview with Amiga Computing sometime in 1997 I explained the situation rather well when I said, “It was as though Amiga users were in a dark room and could see no future, only darkness. I had to light up that room and show them that there are many amazing and exciting games in development”.

The Present
Today I feel that Amiga Flame is needed more than ever for it would seem that we may return to the situation we found ourselves back in 1996. So much hard work has been overshadowed in recent times by a few individuals whose presence you will no doubt be aware off. They have their own vision of the future but rather than promote it they spent their time stoking up tensions and spreading rumours. They have nothing to offer the Amiga Community but to drag people back to the bad old days.

Over the past few months Amiga Flame has made strides to help make people aware of what is to come. The AmigaOne/ AmigaOS 4 has received special emphasis with two features covering the AmigaOne the system, the games and even the serious software such as Realsoft 3D. Articles on new games intended for the AmigaOne are written regularly, for example this week there is news of a new space flight simulation. Coverage has also been devoted to the AmigaDE with two Special Reports produced, one examining Amiga's potential for success in the PDA market.

The Future
Amiga Flame will continue to light up the future; no one can extinguish the flame.

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