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The Great War of Anarrow

The developers of Tales of Tamar, a multiplayer PBEM game have invited gamers from the AmigaOne and Pegasos communities to take part in the Great War of Annarrow. Gamers will be able to play the Great War of Annarrow for free during the four months in which the war is conducted.

In this round based strategy and role-playing game users will take over the tasks of a leader to build up their country from a little village to a strong empire. This special war between AmigaOne and Pegasos communities will see at least 100 players on each side register a new territory, which will be opened in Elerion from the 2nd of April, with the Hombres on the one side and the Mosianers on the other side. Both developer teams, Hyperion and the MorphOS team, will be officially invited. They will represent the overlords of the specific party and therefore are very special for each race. On the 2nd of August the party that conquered the most land will be proclaimed victor.

With the honour of the AmigaOne gaming community at stake it is important that gamers register for the fight. The developers need 100 players on each side for the war to go ahead.

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