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English Amiga Guru Book Scrapped

APC&TCP have scrapped plans to reprint the English Amiga Guru Book by Ralph Babel after copies appeared on a number of piracy websites.

In a statement posed to various news sites, Ralph Babel said: “Unfortunately, the release of the 800-page extended edition of the Amiga Guru Book (covering OS 3.x and beyond) scheduled for April was pre-empted by some fool seeding a scan of the older version into one of those pirate-to-pirate networks, eliminating all hopes of me ever being able to recover the cost of a reprint, so the project had to be stopped immediately to avoid further loss of time and money”. In a separate statement, the publisher APC&TCP revealed that the book was ready to go to the printing press but plans were shelved when copies appeared online.

Despite the protests of many Amiga users who were eagerly awaiting the release of the English Amiga Guru Book, Ralph Babel has not reversed his decision.

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