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Genetic Species Released in Aminet

Vulcan SoftwareVulcan Software and Marble-Eyes Development have announced that Genetic Species has been released and is available to download from Aminet. Amiga Gamers who have not yet played the Genetic Species experience, are in for a treat as this Doom style game set in a thrilling 3D action environment with full texture mapping is available to all.

An information pack on Genetic Species is available below:-


Genetic Species


Genetic Species offers furiously invigorating and thrilling 3D action with texture mapping speeds never before seen on any Amiga entertainment title!

With Atmosphere, Gameplay, Addictiveness and Presentation as its highest priorities you will experience the ultimate escapism in a violent and puzzling 3D world coupled with the most awesome environmental effects and imagery which are all proudly displayed in 256 colours at an incredible (1x1) Pixel Resolution using the most sophisticated Texture Mapping Engine to date.

In its simplest form Genetic Species requires an AGA Amiga with an 020 CPU, a minimum of 2mb Chip and 8Mb Fast Memory, a Hard Drive and a 2 x Speed CDRom Drive. With more Fast Memory and a Faster CPU you will soon discover that Genetic Species excels in visual presentation and by choosing the appropriate window size, you will be spoiled by blindingly fast action. Pushing the quality further, if you have a CyberGfx or Picasso96 Graphics Card then you will soon realise what the Amiga was made for! Graphics card users require only 0.5Mb of Chip Memory and a minimum of 8mb Fast Memory.

The first thing you will see is an awesome 200Mb 3D rendered intro animation that sets the scene and atmosphere for the experience that follows, in order to get the best out of the intro animation a 4 x Speed CD-Rom is recommended.

Once into the game you are bombarded with a Visual & Audio splendour that is matched only by the speed, response time and gameplay. Genetic Species has been written in 100% assembly and for the last 3 years has seen many talented individuals eat, sweat and sleep nothing else to bring you the ultimate 3D experience, so venture forth over the many Huge Levels and frightening locations, all of which Demand a High Element of Genetic Warfare and Logic Plot Based Puzzle Solving.

Not only will you have a horrific weapon array (for mass murder) at your disposal but you will also be equipped with the latest `In-Built Portable Probe Device` were you will be able to `Psyche` Travel through your Environment and even engage in `Body Transfers` to Assume the Identity of other Entities. For navigation purposes your Portable On- Screen `Alpha Map Display` with Size and Luminance Controls comes in very handy.

The Many Enemies encountered are superbly rendered and all have their own unique `high level` artificial intelligence routines, each animated in true to life multiple positions and each as deadly as the next.

And finally, Genetic Species is brought to life with a massive selection of High Quality Digital Sounds & Effects with Stereo Surround and an incredible 30 Minutes of High Quality (in game) CD music.


200Mb 3D Rendered Intro Animation


3D Light Sourced Texture Mapped Environment
4 Huge Levels Made Up From Multiple Complex Platforms
16 Enemy Character Types
Massive Weapons Array
Supports 3D Based Objects
High Element of Genetic Warfare
Logic Plot Based Puzzle Solving
3 Years of Development Time


Portable Probe Device for Body Transfers or `Psyche` Travel
Portable On-Screen `Alpha Map Display`
Environmental Chain Reactions
Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Routines
Awesome Death Sequences


256 Colours
(1x1) Pixel Resolution Definition
Changeable Window Sizes
Screen Promotion
Ntsc, Pal or Multiscan


Distance Shading
Distortion Mapping
Shot Lightsourcing
Dark Light Routines for Pools of Shadows


Environmental Rain
Environmental Steam
Heat Distortion
Fire Effects
Weapon Projectile Smoke Tails
Animated Floor Routines
Floor Reflections


High Quality Digital Sound Effects
Character Digital Speech
30 Minutes of High Quality (in game) CD Music


Stereo Surround Effects
User Defined Mixer Frequencies
Supports AHI giving Paula 8,14,14c bit on any Amiga
Supports Wavetools
Prelude & Toccata Support giving 16 Audio Channels


Fully Multitasking
100% Assembly Language
Optimised for 030, 040 and 060
Supports AGA, CyberGfx or Picasso96
Single Buffering, Double Buffering or Triple Screen Buffering
Draco Support
Delfina & DraCo Motion Support


Look Behind
Initiate P.P.D. (Take Over Other Entities)


Keyboard Support
Joypad Support
Joystick Support
Mouse (3 buttons) Support
Full control customising


Easy/Hard Difficulty Mode
Object Based Save Game Option
Pause Game Function
Visual Frame Counter
Luminance Controls


Group Fighting


Mini Gun
44 Pistol
Flame Thrower
Fire Axe
Silenced Pistol
Laser Mine
Stun Launcher
Laser Rifle
Plasma Gun
Industrial Drill
Rocket Launcher
Assault Rifle
Hand Grenade


Security SoldierSecurity Soldier
An ordinary corporation security soldier wearing a light ergo suit which is capable of resisting a few direct hits. Security soldiers prowl the corridors of the base, gunning down intruders with their .44 pistols and they never stop to ask questions first. Their implants are of a low grade and they are vulnerable to probe attacks.

Security OfficerSecurity Officer
High rank Security Officers are tougher, quicker and meaner than ordinary soldiers. They wear upgraded ergo suits and carry the .44 automatic gun. Their implants are simplistic to preserve human intelligence and initiative. Important rooms are often only accessible to Security Officers.

Cyber Scout
The echelon of the automated defence forces. Hovering a few feet above the ground they are a deadly foe in deserted corridors due to their speed. The little human flesh and brain that remains is hidden within a steel case. Their implants are protected by extra circuitry, making it difficult to take them over without killing them.

Face Hugger
This genetically engineered creature has no official name. We believe it is a new prototype war-unit escaped from some laboratory, and apparently capable of breeding without artificial support. Being the perfect base invader it is extremely fast and its spitting of acid creates a very dangerous entity. They have no implants but their genetic control mechanisms are very vulnerable to entity take-overs.

Otherwise know as the `Dirt Rats`, The Engineers keep the bases running, they wear no armour and their implants are primitive, but simply spotting an intruder is enough to bring them to a blood frenzy. If you get too close, he will try to chop you to pieces with his fire axe, show him mercy and kill him. Engineers are also needed to access some systems.

The commanding officer of the base is the toughest and most dangerous human you will come across. He throws lethal grenades at intruders. Some restricted areas are only accessible by the commander or someone carrying a commander access card.

Zombies are the victims of evil Genetic experiments. Dragging their rotting limbs along, they are slow but also hard to kill. Silenced guns are not very powerful but zombies will happily keep shooting at you forever. Their implants have difficulty controlling the damaged brains and taking them over is often the easiest way to give them eternal peace.

Gel Man
Little know information on this abdominal creature but the Gel Man is another genetic creation designed for environments with extreme pressures.

Little is known about these creatures. They seem to boast some kind of Psi-weapon.

Strong defensive units carrying lethal flechette guns. 90% of their bodies have been mechanised and armoured to take a phenomenal amount of damage. Their implants are strong, and a PPD attack without stunning will leave them severely damaged. Notice that they are limited to warfare and cannot handle delicate objects such as keycards or small weapons.

The science personnel of the laboratories. They wear no armour and carry weak weapons. Their implants are not designed to repulse a probe attack so they can easily be taken over. Some areas are only accessible to scientists.

Aggressive commando troopers, specially trained to locate and kill intruders. The standard weapon is the laser rifle which they will happily use to snipe on you. Their armour is light to allow maximum mobility and their implants are medium grade.

Chameleon Soldier
The skin of the chameleon man has been altered to camouflage the body. This works best when he is standing still, only when shooting and getting hit will the camouflage field disrupt to show the puny human inside. The high speed assault rifle carried by chameleon soldiers is too dangerous to ignore, so don't. The implants will yield to persistent attacks.

This biped killing machine is one of the most dangerous units around. Mounted on the left arm is a rocket launcher. You guessed it, Rocket launchers are bad for your health. Some units come with a Vulcan minigun instead. The controlling implants of this unit will only disable if stunned.

Space Pilot
When not piloting space ships, the pilots are in an understandably bad mood. The Space Pilot carries a grenade launcher which fires stun grenades capable of putting even the biggest brute to sleep. The clumsy space suit puts some restraint on his mobility, but protects against vacuum and probe attacks.

Battle Cyborg
Battle Cyborgs are enhanced, heavily armoured humans capable of high speed. They carry flame throwers for toasting enemies. Due to the exposed upper body, the implants are weak compared to the durability of the body.


Real-time Screen Saver Which Can Also Create Player Animations Direct To Disk



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