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Greetings Starfighters

Andy Hawkins, used to run a company called GeoSync Media which produced StarFighter: D'Yammen's Reign, a Wing Commander type game for the Amiga platform. In an effort to combat people who are selling illegal copies and to re-ignite the interest of gamers, Starfighter has been released free of charge.

In Starfighter, you can choose to be the baddies (Dyammen) or the good guys (Confederation) with a storyline that changes as you win or loose battles. Starfighter allows you to pilot your way through 110 missions, with various choices of gameplay - Training, Arcade mode, Single Mission or Full campaign. It boasts Lightwave rendered cut scenes that complement the storyline including sampled speech and soundtrack, and even an interactive talkback radio. It also has fully adjustable options to suit your Computer set up.

If you find Starfighter to your liking then make a donation to the programmer - Andy Hawkins. It should be noted that Andy is still supporting the game and eager to offer his assistance with any tricky problems.

If you experience any problems or wish to send your support, then e-mail Andy Hawkins of DrewFX at:-


Visit his web site at:-

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