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Gothenburg Show News

The Swedish Amiga Show that is set to take place next month is shaping up to be one of the best planned shows of the year. The organisers have just finalised arrangements for a Retro Room and an Amiga Developers Pavilion.

The Retro Room will allow guests to meet up with some old friends in terms of Amiga hardware and software. An Amiga 1000 and CDTV are some of the hardware items expected to be on show, while gamers will be able to play SuperCars, Flip the frog, Roketz and other classics. A competition has been organised to test the gaming skills of guests with the lucky winner receiving a new A1200 Magic pack. Creative users have not been left out as guests can use Lightwave, SCALA, and other serious titles that will be in the Retro Room.

AmiGBG in cooperation with UniversalSpace have announced that the show will also cater for developers with an Amiga Developers Pavilion. According to show organisers, it “will be a meeting place for developers, ranging from beginners to professional game and application designers”. Highlights include tutorials on C/C++ programming in AmigaOS, 3D programming and raytracing, OpenGL programming, sound programming with AHI, and the UniversalSpace.NET developers´ community.

Guests attending this years' Swedish show should also keep an eye on exhibitor Push Entertainment who will demonstrate their 64kb intro Dolphin´s Dream, and just might have a surprise.

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