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Foundation Gold Released

Foundation Gold has been described as being almost the unofficial sequel of the original Foundation strategy game. It in fact combines Foundation Directors Cut and Foundation – The undiscovered Land, adding a number of new features.

There has been a full graphic rework with all in-game graphics also improved including character animation, buildings, trees and all other game objects. Foundation Gold makes the game easier in some respects but also harder, with there, a new Hard Mode offering improved Computer intelligence for a new challenge. The vegetable resource has been removed to cut down on the number of resources you need to gather. This reduces the amount of transportation and makes food supply less complicated.

Foundation Gold includes all 80 missions, the 40 from the original game with slight improvements and the 40 from Foundation - The undiscovered Land. It has been described as the “most complete Foundation package ever”, and I think that I would have to agree.

Foundation Gold requires a 030 processor or higher, Aga or graphics board, a Hard Drive and 8 MB Ram. It is also CD-Rom only.

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