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Ghostdust Formed to Produce AmigaDE Software

Gabriel Hauber has announced the formation of Ghostdust, a company that will produce mobile content and applications for the AmigaDE and also J2ME/MIDP platforms. The applications and games originally created by Gabriel Hauber will bear the Ghostdust branding.

The first titles released bearing the Ghostdust branding include Gems, a puzzler and a version of Gobbler, originally produced by John Harris has just been ported to the J2ME/MIDP environment. It is in fact possible for mobile phone gamers using the Nokia Series 40 range to purchase Gobbler from Handango. Future projects planned for this year include the eagerly awaited Go for Goal, an ice hockey game for the AmigaDE, and Jami, a Java API for AmigaDE game/ application developers.

In his statement Gabriel Hauber significantly said, “Ghostdust is excited by the technology represented by the AmigaDE and is committed to developing for the platform into the foreseeable future”. This statement is regarded as a positive sign that confidence in Amiga Inc has not been badly shaken by the sale of AmigaOS to another company.

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