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Garry Hare, CEO of Amiga Inc Talks about AmigaAnywhere

On two occasions last week Garry Hare, CEO of Amiga Inc talked to visitors of Amiga World. His question and answer session on the Amiga World IRC channel attracted an audience of over three hundred while his comments on the website have drawn the interest of many more Amiga users.

Garry Hare confirmed that the development and growth AmigaAnywhere is the company's key strategic focus. He brushed aside scepticism about this technology stressing that “AmigaAnywhere is not what it used to be (DE). This, and future versions, not only extend the market, but also literally change what removable media is and does”. He pointed that it transforms storage media, turning memory devices (SD, mini-SD, USB, and more) into very smart media, which means that applications can be played without download or use of system memory. It is clear that Garry Hare is absolutely convinced in the potential of AmigaAnywhere and so will push it as an ease-of-use, cross device, scale anywhere solution.

According to Garry Hare, the target markets for the new version of AmigaAnywhere includes the personal media player market and the Linux set-top-box market. He also tackled the thorny issue of the AmigaAnywhere for the new AmigaOS, and pointed out that it makes sense but only if Hyperion wants it. It was encouraging for many users when he stated quite firmly that they would pay and do the necessary work to bring AmigaAnywhere to the platform. However, it would seem that Amiga Inc are more focused on other markets and even though Garry Hare did not name any specific products he said that “some devices will ship this year”.

Developers might be interested to know that Garry Hare is eager to hear from them and he even “put out a call to developers asking for applications”. He pointed out that there are advantages even for Java developers, who might ask themselves why sell applications through a third part enabling technology like AmigaAnywhere. He believes that their “impact on smart media” should attract the interest of Java developers and others. He also pointed out that they would provide market research to developers wanting to know what applications are likely to attract users. At the moment, they are in particular looking for developers with applications aimed at multi-user, 3D, and GPS enabled markets.

Next week: Garry Hare's Comments on AmigaOS

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