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Gilbert Goodmate, Operation Counterstrike and SIM The Lost World

The developers of Gilbert Goodmate have made available a trailer of their adventure game allowing gamers to have a taste of what to expect from this eagerly awaited game. Unfortunately the trailer can only be watched if you have a pc.

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Blue Black Solution has announced that the development of Operation Counterstrike, a Command & Conquer style game is progressing. The current engine will require a PPC or 060 Amiga with graphics card and 32Mb RAM. This announcement has surely dashed the hopes of competing development teams that Operation Counterstrike had been cancelled. There are currently a number of development teams aiming to create the best strategy game for the Amiga, with ClickBOOM working on a sequel to Napalm, author Jeppe Nielson working on Homeland, Crystal Interactive Software working on The Dark Millennia and finally a Polish development team are working on Exodus - The Last War.

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SIM The Lost World is an adventure game in the style of The Dig or Darkseed. The game engine required a minimum of 16MB Fast Ram and a fast CD drive. SIM The Lost World is on hold as their coder had to leave due to new work commitments. I sincerely hope that this situation will change and someone will come forward to help them with SIM The Lost World as its screenshots clearly show the incredible effort they have put into the game so far.

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