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Last week Amiga Flame reported news about Jami a set of Java libraries specifically written for the AmigaDE. This new developer tool being worked on by Gabriel Hauber along with Onno Scheffers of Atomic Digital Studios will help developers take full advantage of the benefits of the AmigaDE. One such game, which has benefited from Jami is Go For Goal.

Go For Goal is an ice-hockey game inspired by an old Commodore64 title called "Hat trick". In this game you control two players - one who tries to get the puck to the opponent's goal and hit it in, and the other is your goalie. Your opponent is an AI player. One of the designers, Gabriel Hauber emphasized that, “We've tried to keep the game as simple and fast-moving as possible, concentrating on game play and not fancy graphics”.

Currently Go For Goal is aimed at a PDA screen resolution of 240x320, but this will be modified so that it runs on small cell phone screens up to desktop resolutions. Go for Goal uses advanced features of the AmigaDE and so it will become available after the new AmigaDE Players have been released.

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