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The Gothenburg Amiga Show appears to have been a roaring success as more people attended than last year and Ben Hermans even gave a presentation.

The major announcement from the show came from Ben Hermans who revealed that the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release will be going gold and so will be in the hands of AmigaOne owners soon. Users will also gain access via the serial number on the packaging to updates, including the optimised DMA and the graphic PPC. According to Ben Hermans, there should be little difficulty installing the pre-release, and so users can finally escape from having to use Linux on their AmigaOne systems.

It was also announced during the show that Amiga Forever 6.0 is about to be released. This highly popular piece of emulation software allows users to play Amiga games and other Amiga software on their pc. According to the person demonstrating Amiga Forever, it can boot and run from CD without touching Windows.

The one disappointment for the show organizers was that Alan Redhouse of Eyetech was unable to attend and give his presentation. However, the show organizers did not give up as they conducted a brief question and answer session over the phone. Alan Redhouse outlined that the consumer version of the Micro AmigaOne was still being worked on but that the specs of the final version are virtually complete. He stressed that the consumer version would work straight out of the box, and tens of thousands of units rather than a small quantity would be produced. In other words, it would seem that Eyetech hope to lower the costs of the system, and want to ensure users experience little or no problem running their AmigaOne.

Readers should note that both Alan Redhouse and Ben Hermans appeared to welcome the sale of the AmigaOS to KMOS Inc. Although, Alan Redhouse is eager to meet Garry Hare of KMOS Inc and reach agreement with the company over the roadmap for the Amiga platform.

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