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AmiGBG Fair Returns

AmiGBG is set to return in 2004 with the fair taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 3rd of April. Although no venue has been found yet, this year's fair is expected to attract users from across Scandinavia and beyond.

The show organisers in a surprise announcement revealed that IBM will hold a seminar at the fair focusing on the future of the PowerPC platform. Mikael Haglund, Technical specialist at IBM will be available to answer questions as to IBM's plans and how PowerPC architecture will evolve. In another surprise move it was also revealed that Michael Battilana of Cloanto will present Amiga Forever 6.0 for the first time as well as other Amiga related projects.

Scandinavian User groups will be in attendance, along with retailers such as GGS-Data who will be selling software and hardware. Krister Skrtic, the man behind music project Transplant & Emulate - a project where the Amiga has been a given place also plans to be at AmiGBG.

AmiGBG is shaping up to be one of the best events this year with the organisers indicating that even more surprises are on the cards. One organiser Andreas Loong stated, “We haven't even started yet…*hint-hint* ;)). Seriously though, there are still a few tricks up our sleeves that I hope will bring even more people to the show!” Expect more announcements to be posted shortly on the AmiGBG website.

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