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AmiGBG 2003 Coming Soon

The AmiGBG user group based in Gothenburg, Sweden have over the course of the years been responsible for organizing a number of Amiga shows and events. Last year's Amiga show attracted over 450 visitors while the AmigaOne Gothenburg event drew a crowd of around 200. It is with great pleasure that I bring news that they have organised another AmiGBG Show, which will be held on the 29th of March.

Exhibitors at the show will include developers such as Cloanto and OnyxSoft, along with magazines like AmigaRulez, Amitopia, and Azine. There will be a wide range of usergroups in attendance such as Swedish Usergroup of Amiga, Syntax Society, GDF, and ACG Göteborg. The organizers have also revealed that Alan Redhouse, MD of Eyetech, will be at the show and is expected to talk about the AmigaOne and its future.

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