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AmiGBG 2002

For the first time since 1998 an Amiga fair will be held in Sweden at Gothenburg on the 2nd of March. The aim of AmiGBG 2002 is to create a new fresh start for the Amiga in Sweden and thus help the Amiga users that are still active to get together and establish new connections.

AmiGBG 2002 looks set to attract Amiga users, developers and companies from throughout Scandinavia. Martin Blom (AHI), Elbox Computer, and Cloanto, developer of Amiga Forever will be in attendance. Gamers should definitely check out games developer, Kaliko as they intend to show their latest projects. Norwegian Amiga magazine, Amitopia will sign up subscribers including those Amiga users from other parts as they are now expanding to include all of Scandinavia.

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