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Freespace and Woof3D

Hyperion Entertainment has released a new update of Descent Freespace, a highly acclaimed space-combat simulator. This update which is available to download from the Hyperion website fixes a number of bugs.

Woof 3D is a graphic engine mainly a 3D engine for texturing 3D polygons. Since its initial development in May 2000 it has evolved to the point at which it now offers high level and low level functions for 3D and 2D graphics. This includes basic 2D and 3D primitives that allow you to program lots of simple graphics software like OS-friendly games.

Beginners in C will in particular benefit from Woof 3D as you do not have to know about pointers or dereferencing to use Woof3D. Detailed tutorials can be found on the Woof 3D website.

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