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A few weeks ago I mentioned about my visit to Berlin and my discovery that there is thriving Amiga market in Germany especially from a gaming perspective. Amiga Future is Germany's Amiga gaming magazine covering the latest news, previews and reviews, including some exciting games I have never seen till now.

I was pleased therefore when Andreas Magerl of Amiga Future sent me some more issues of the magazine. I may not be able to read the articles to a degree but I can understand that Amiga Future really ploughs through the Amiga games market giving its readers an impressive magazine. The staff writers at Amiga Future clearly have an intimate knowledge of the market, ensuring that readers know just what's happening, what games are hot and what are not.

Some Amiga magazines have attempted to fill their pages with non-Amiga garbage in recent times whereas Amiga Future 66-pages are Amiga only. If you are a German Amiga Gamer make sure you read Amiga Future, and cherish the fact that you have such a fine magazine.

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