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50th Issue of Amiga Future Out

Amiga Future is celebrating the launch of their fiftieth issue which can be ordered directly from APC&TCP. In the following weeks there will be many special events and offers available on their website.

In this special issue the cover CD features the full versions of StormC, Wendetta, Larry and the Robbery of the Ardies, Antispyrel, Tin Toy Adventure, the unreleased game Dragons Kingdom, and the newest version of AmiKit. As a special bonus they have included some music tracks by Andreas Stürmer in the MP3 format on the cover CD. The magazine itself has all the latest news and developments, along with a brand new review of CygnusEd 5, the Amiga Emulation Box and Retro Classix.

Users can pick up this issue of Amiga Future or place a subscription which includes a special bundle. If you're interested then you might want to download a past issue from their website.

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